Sonate “Les Hiboux Blancs” (The White Owls)

For solo piano


A 3-movement work:

  1. Vif

  2. Lent mais sans trainer’

  3. Presto, en style de Toccata

Duration: 20′

Premiere: Merkin Hall, New York 1996
JY Song, piano

Commission: The Guild of Composers, 1996

Publisher: Editions Max Eschig, Paris 1997

This Sonata is performed by pianists around the world and has entered the repertoire as a major Sonata. Director of Editions Max Eschig, Gérald Hugon proclaimed “The White Owls is the pivotal work for piano since Henri Dutilleux’s famed Sonata.” In 2002, the Sonata was choreographed and danced by the Diane Faye Dance Company, Florence Gould Hall, NY.