Les Visages de L’ Amour

For Soprano (or Tenor) and piano

A cycle of 6 songs in French for Soprano (or Tenor) and Piano
Duration: 18′

  1. L’Amour est une Vallée Verdoyante - poem by Michel d’Arençon

  2. L’oiseau dans les Bois - poem by G. de Nerval

  3. Mon Rêve Familier - poem by Paul Verlaine

  4. J’aime une Femme - poem by Paul Laurent

  5. Ah! Sous une Feinte Allégresse -  poem by G. de Nerval

  6. Souvenir et Plaisir - poem by Louis de Vilmorin

Premiere of original version: Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, May 1994
Anaïk Bernèche, Soprano

Premiere of revised version: North Carolina 2006
Elizabeth Futral, Soprano; Margo Garrett, Piano

Publisher: Rassel Editions, NY

Compiled in 1994  and revised in 2006 by the composer from various poets, Les Visages de l’Amour explores the many faces of Love from the sublime to the most bitter. The poems are by Michel D’Arençon, Gérard de Nerval, Paul Verlaine, Laurent Ledoux and Louise de Vilmorin.
Soprano Elizabeth Futral has been performing the cycle on her solo recitals since 2006.