Bruegel Suite (2015)

A five-movement work for solo Piano on paintings by Pieter Bruegel

Duration: 21′

  1. Hunters in the Snow

  2. Peasant Dance

  3. Winter Landscape

  4. Children’s Games

  5. The Tower of Babel

Publisher: Rassel Editions, NY

Commissioned by Pianist Simone Dinnerstein, the Bruegel Suite is a five-movement work on five paintings by Pieter Bruegel. The composer writes: “Bruegel’s genius resides in part in his amazing treatment of light in his paintings. Each painting creates a unique world of light and dark. It is the light and how it plays with the subject that I try to capture in sound.” The Bruegel Suite was premiered by Simone Dinnerstein at Koerner Hall in Toronto Canada in 2015.